Guide to File and Claim SSS Partial Disability Benefits


Working individuals can sometimes encounter accidents that may lead them to become sick, disabled, and the worst may make them unable to go on their everyday lives and perform their work.

Most minimum wage earners could not help but struggle financially to cover their expenses for the hospitalization and things they will need on their road to recovery. 

Thankfully, Social Security System has this cash benefit given to a partially or disabled member. It is also to have a good idea about the 8 SSS benefits you probably didn’t know. This SSS Disability Benefit is granted to the member, whether in a monthly pension or lump sum.

Guide to File and Claim SSS Partial Disability Benefits

Guide to File and Claim SSS Partial Disability Benefits

In this particular article, we will learn how to file and claim SSS Partial Disability Benefits and some important topics regarding the said benefit.

Here are the partial disability considered to avail of the SSS Disability Benefit:

The Social Security System defines partial disability as the complete and permanent loss of a particular body part. It does not inhibit an individual from performing their job. This includes the following:

  • One of the member’s fingers (Thumb, Index, Middle, Ring, and Little)
  • The sight of one eye
  • Hearing of one ear
  • Hearing of both ear
  • One leg
  • One-hand
  • One arm
  • One big toe
  • One foot
  • One ear
  • Both ears

Partial Disability Benefit Computation

The amount of monthly pension will depend on the SSS membership years and the number of contributions paid before the semester of disability.

l PHP1,000 for members with less than ten years of credited years of service (CYS)

l PHP1,200 for members with at least ten years of credited years of service (CYS)

l PHP2,400 for members with at least twenty years of credited years of service (CYS)

SSS Partial Disability Benefit Computation in Lump Sum Amount

Computing the lump sum amount for the disabled member is quite different from the partially disabled one. 

Here is the Partial Disability Benefit lump sum amount computation;

Whichever of these is higher in an amount:

  • Disability Monthly Pension multiplies the number of SSS monthly contribution payments multiplied by the percentage of disability concerning the whole body.
  • Disability Monthly Pension multiplies to twelve (12) multiply again to the percentage of the disability.

***For instance, an SSS partially disabled member wants to claim their lump sum benefit. He should have at least ten years of credited years of service; as determined by the SSS, they have forty percent (40%) of disability and have paid thirty (30) months of contribution. Here is how you can compute for their lump sum amount:

Monthly Pension of PHP1,200 x Monthly Contributions of 30 x 40% Disability or 0.40 = PHP 14,400

Monthly Pension of PHP1,200 x 12 x 40% Disability or 0.40 = PHP 5,760

From the two computations, the higher amount is the first one which is PHP14, 400. This will then become the lump sum benefit that the member will receive from the SSS.

According to the degree of disability, they pay the partially disabled member’s monthly pension up to a certain number of months only. The percentage degree of disability of previously granted claim shall be deducted from the percentage degree of disability of the current claim, if with deteriorating and with related permanent partial disability.

Filing of Application for SSS Disability Benefit

Filing of Application for SSS Disability Benefit

You can apply for your SSS Disability Benefit at any SSS branch or representative office near you. However, you can assign an authorized representative on your behalf if you cannot personally apply for an SSS Disability Benefit. Here are the things you need to accomplish:

1. SSS Form DDR-1, which you can download online through the SSS website

2. SSS Medical Certificate

3. Photo and signature form of the member for the initial claims only

4. Supporting documents to support the claim that may be required to be provided, such as clinical and laboratory test results, x-ray, hospital records, or records of operation, if any.

5. SSS biometrics identification card or UMID or two other valid IDs, with both signatures and at least one with a photo attached and date of birth.

After submitting all the requirements, a supervising medical specialist or physician from the SSS branch will immediately inform you to provide additional medical records to support your benefit claim. The physician will also conduct a physical examination and explain the details regarding the SSS Disability Benefit.

The processing of the SSS Disability Benefits claim may take one to two months. Typically, they will notify the member about the actual disability pension amount and receive the benefit once the application is approved.

How will the SSS members receive the SSS Disability Benefit?

How will the SSS members receive the SSS Disability Benefit

A photocopy of a bank passbook or an ATM card with a validated initial deposit slip in any SSS accredited bank is needed to receive your disability benefit. Otherwise, you need to open one with an SSS accredited bank if you don’t have an account.

Here is the list of requirements to file and claim for SSS Disability Benefit:

  1. Accomplished Disability Claim Application Form
  2. SSS Medical Certificate Form issued by your attending physician
  3. Member’s/ Claimant’s Photo and Signature Card with 1 x 1 photo and fingerprints
  4. Any of the following Valid IDs:
  • One valid primary ID (UMID card, SSS ID, PRC card, Seaman’s book, or Passport)
  • Two valid secondary IDs (Postal ID, Driver’s License, company ID, TIN ID, Senior Citizen ID, or PhilHealth ID); and
  • One valid secondary ID and one secondary document (Police Clearance, NBI Clearance, Pag-IBIG Member’s Data Form, LTO- issued student permit, Marriage Certificate, etc.)

5. Supporting medical documents such as clinical and laboratory results, x-ray, medical operation records, and hospital discharge summary. Make sure that documents must be a certified true copy.

6. A photocopy of current savings account, passbook, or ATM card with a validated initial deposit slip or visa cash card. You may also bring and present your original passbook or atm card for verification.

Being partially incapacitated to perform your line of work is both emotionally and psychologically challenging, aside from what one sees physically. A person may tend to experience a lot of limitations to do various things.

Fortunately, the Social Security System is working so hard to provide quality service to everyone by giving a lot of benefits like the Disability Benefits program.

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