SSS Number Online Application: How to Get Your SSS Number Online

SSS Number Online Application

SSS Number Online Application– Acquiring an SSS number is your first step in getting the said benefits offered by the SSS. This number is probably the first requirement that you need to fulfill if it’s your first time applying for a job.

SSS is an insurance program mandated by the government for all income earners or workers in the Philippines. The SSS members are obliged to contribute monthly in exchange for the insurance benefits such as sickness, maternity, disability, retirement, death, and salary loan.

In this article, I will show the easiest way possible in acquiring your SSS number.

What is SSS Number


The Social Security Number or SSS number is composed of a 10-digit number assigned to Filipino workers who apply for membership with the SSS. It’s being utilized in all transactions with the SSS, such as availing of benefits and loans.


The following are the reasons for getting your SSS number:

  1. for Job Requirements.

Your employer will ask for your SSS number whenever you get a new job because, under the Social Security Law, employers cannot hire a person without an SSS number.

  1. for SSS Contribution Payment.

Companies or Employers use the SSS number to record new employees and settle contribution payments (which are part of salary deductions) to the SSS.

  1. to avail of SSS benefits.

Your SSS number determines how much benefit you can claim from the SSS. Having an SSS number and meeting certain requirements entitle a member to the SSS benefits such as:

    • Salary loan – Members can borrow money from the SSS to meet their short-term cash needs especially if there’s an emergency that requires money but doesn’t have savings.
    • Sickness – Members can avail of a sickness benefit that pays a cash allowance for each day they’re confined in a hospital or at home due to an injury or illness.
    • Unemployment Insurance – With the newly enacted Social Security Act of 2018, the SSS is required to provide a cash allowance to involuntarily separated or terminated employees for two months to help them get back on their feet while finding a new job.
    • Maternity – This is a daily cash allowance given to female SSS members who can’t work due to childbirth or miscarriage.
    • Disability – Members with a limited or total permanent disability may get cash benefit, which is given either as a lump sum or monthly pension.
    • Retirement – Members who are 60 years old and can’t work anymore can receive a cash benefit as a lump sum or monthly pension.
    • Death – It is a cash benefit given as a monthly compensation or a lump-sum amount to the beneficiaries of a deceased member.
    • Funeral – This is a cash benefit given to whoever paid for the burial expenses of the deceased member.

Filipinos who are 60 years old and below that have not been issued a social security number are required to get an SSS number and anyone who belongs to the following:

  1. Employees including workers who are on a regular, contractual, or probationary status, such as private-sector employees, household service workers or kasambahays, Seafarers, and Employees of foreign governments or international organizations under administrative agreement with the SSS.
  2. Self-employed individuals who earn at least Php 1,000 monthly from their own business or profession, such as Professionals, Entrepreneurs (Partners and single proprietors of businesses), farmers and fishermen, Informal workers (sidewalk vendors, jeepney or tricycle drivers, etc.), contractual and job order employees working for government agencies who are not covered by the GSIS, actors, directors, scriptwriters, journalists/news correspondents, professional athletes, coaches, and many more.
  3. Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) recruited in the Philippines by foreign employers for deployment abroad, Filipinos who earn income from outside the country, and Filipinos who are permanent residents in other countries.
  4. If you’re a legal Non-working spouse of an SSS member, you’re also qualified to get an SSS number as long as you pay your SSS contributions, control the household, and have not enrolled as an SSS member.


sss number application requirements

Submit the original or certified true copy of the following documents:

  1. Birth certificate (PSA) or a valid ID.
  2. Additional documents that may include the following:
    • For Married applicants: Submit a Marriage Certificate or copy of the spouse’s Member Data Change Request form (SS Form E-4) that proves the applicant’s name as the legal spouse.
    • For Widows/widowers applicants: Submit a Marriage Certificate and Death Certificate of the deceased spouse or a Court Order on the Declaration of Presumptive Death.
    • For Legally separated applicants: Submit a Decree of Legal Separation.
    • For Annulled applicants: Submit a Certificate of Finality of Annulment/Nullity or annotated marriage certificate.
    • For Divorced applicants: Submit a Decree of Divorce and Certificate of Naturalization/Certificate of Divorce (for divorced Muslim applicants).
    • Applicants with children (to be registered as beneficiaries): Submit a birth certificate or baptismal certificate/Birth certificate with “Legitimated” status/Decree of Adoption of the child.



  1. Visit the SSS website. Click here
  2. Fill out the online application form.

Make sure to fill all fields correctly and honestly.

Type the text you see on the box next to “Word Verification” and click on the small box below to confirm that you’ve provided true and correct information.

  1. Verify your email.

The SSS will send a confirmation email with a registration link.

You have to check your email as soon as possible because the link will expire in five days. You will need to repeat the registration steps, once it expires.

Check your spam folder if you haven’t received any email from the SSS.

Proceed with the next steps of your SSS number online application by clicking on the link.

  1. Supply the required information.

Fill out the fields from the “Basic Information” section up to the “Beneficiaries Information” section on the registration page.

  1. Review all your information.

Double-check your details as the screen will display a summary of your information to ensure they’re complete and correct.

In making changes to your information, just click the “Previous” button at the lower part of the page. This will direct you to the pages you previously filled out, and then you can edit any wrong entry.

  1. Generate your SSS number.

Click the “Generate SSS Number” button once you’re sure everything is good.

The system will display a confirmation of successful registration, including your SSS number. You can print your SSS number right away provided that you have a printer available at the moment.

A confirmation email with your personal record form and SSS number slip attached will also be sent to you. You can also print the attachments and confirmation messages.

Have your spouse sign before his or her name on your printed personal record form if you’ll register as a non-working spouse. The signature will be your validation that your spouse acknowledges your SSS membership.

  1. Submit the requirements at any SSS branch.

Your SSS number is temporary and it will only become permanent after you have submitted the required documents to the SSS branch.

You will also need to present the printed copies of your SSS number slip and personal record form.

Take note that the temporary SSS number never expires although; you can have it altered to permanent at any time. It’s best to comply with the requirements right away to enjoy the benefits of having a permanent SSS number.

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