Smart and Easy Investment Ideas for OFWs


Overseas Filipino Workers make sacrifices to provide excellent life for their families. Every year, an increasing number of Filipinos work in other countries. They may be looking for greater possibilities and wish to improve their talents. But the truth is, this is primarily due to the better salary that other countries provide for specific occupations and qualities.

Perhaps, you may discover along the way that you are not earning enough to meet all of your family’s demands, prompting you to seek alternative sources of income. This could be the right time for you to start a business. And the Philippines has a plethora of business opportunities. 

As we move through this article, we’ll talk about Smart and Easy Investment Ideas for OFWs. 

Why should you think about starting or opening a business

Why should you think about starting or opening a business

1. Money – the primary motivation for starting a business is to make money. If you create a business, you can make as much as you want based on your efforts, which will determine whether your business succeeds or fails. Unlike when you work for a firm, where you have a fixed compensation, superiors pick promotions.

2. Improved Way of Life – you will have the ability to change your schedule in addition to earning extra money. Following this path will get you out of the corporate world’s “8 to 5” work schedule.

3. Expression and zeal – you might be one of those who want to stay in their current employment and make a bit additional money here and there. Then your own company will be a place for you to express yourself. Where you may develop your creativity and work on something, you care about. Along the journey, you’ll pick up new talents and knowledge.

Smart and Easy Investment Ideas for OFWs 

These are likely your motivations. Thus we’ve compiled a list of the top business ideas in the Philippines for you.

1. Franchising


If you’re seeking a flexible business opportunity in the Philippines, franchising may be the way to go. Food isn’t the only company that you can franchise. It can cover a wide range of things, including fast food, pharmacy, spas, salons, and just about anything else.

If you want to establish a business, you should look into franchising. Not only will you be able to choose the type of business you want to start, but the franchisors will also offer you the marketing help and branding you require, which is significant if you are new to the business.

The cost of creating a franchise can range from minimal to costly, depending on the brand you choose. You will have a more negligible risk of failure if you decide to franchise because you will support an established business tested in the market. An experienced franchisor will handle you, and there are many more reasons you can learn about right here.

However, franchising requires additional dedication and ambition to see the process through. As a result, it’s critical to determine whether you possess the necessary characteristics to be a successful franchisee.

2. Real Estate Investing

Real Estate Investing

Real estate is probably one of the most valuable possessions that would not be marked down. Land and other real estates properties such as houses and lots or condominiums have been rapidly increasing in value. Therefore investing in real estate would be rewarding. Investing in real estate is one of the most acceptable ways to make the most out of your money.

3. Refilling Station

Refilling Station 

Water replenishment stations are another business idea in the Philippines. Water is necessary for our survival. Unfortunately, not all Filipino households have easy access to safe and clean water. Some people may have to drive a long distance to acquire water, or they may have to drink tap water. As an entrepreneur, you can meet this demand by assessing areas where potable water is scarce and either starting your firm or franchising an existing brand.

4. The Restaurant Industry

Restaurant Industry

Food is something that everyone enjoys. However, opening your restaurant may not be as straightforward as you believe. It will necessitate a great deal of thought into the kind of foods that appeal to clients in a specific area and significantly impact the quality of your items because people will buy value rather than products.

Taking on this task will ensure you have a fantastic adventure. You will never be bored; you will constantly be learning and making significant growth as a person. You can open your own or franchise a well-known brand of restaurant.

5. Food Truck

Food Truck

When Filipinos have fun in the malls or anywhere else, they love to stop by for a snack. As a result, franchising a food cart business is a terrific method to take advantage of this. This form of business necessitates study on which brands appeal to your target clientele in specific places. It’s also an excellent pick to set up your food cart in areas where there are many people all of the time, such as malls. It’s also advantageous because you don’t have to pay for many staff; you only need to recruit one.

6. Coffee Shop or Milk Tea Shop

Coffee Shop or Milk Tea Shop

For students and professionals alike, coffee and milk tea stores have become popular gathering spots. It’s where students go to revise their studies or meet up with their pals while sipping a pleasant blend of coffee or milk tea. You might take advantage of your popularity to appeal to the public and turn your business into a prosperous venture. You can build a different and creative twist for your store to attract a large number of customers. Alternatively, give a relaxing hangout spot for coffee and milk tea fans.

7. Laundry Business

Laundry Business

People are busier than ever before, whether at work or in their social lives. There is an increasing number of households in which both parents work and who do not have enough time at home to do household duties, or who, if they have, would prefer to rest rather than do something else. As a result, the washing is left unattended.

You may take advantage of this to start offering laundry services to people who don’t have enough time to do their laundry. You will instead do it for them. You can hire a group of people to run your laundry business for you.

With the advent of do-it-yourself laundry shops, some laundry firms have only one employee to monitor the operation.

8. Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services 

In conjunction with the preceding point, cleaning services could be a good business idea for you, as family members may be too preoccupied with other things to clean. You can also combine cleaning and laundry services to expand your business’s potential.

9. The Retail Industry

The Retails Industry

A retail business is a standard business idea to pursue. Because OFWs have access to imported goods from other countries, their set-up retail outlet may stand out. This would also appeal to a wide range of clients, resulting in a substantial revenue stream.

10. Business On The Internet

Business on the Internet

Alternatively, you might take a more modern approach by moving your retail operation online. The brick-and-mortar retail industry has been affected by online firms.

People can avoid the inconvenience of going to malls and exhausting their legs while looking for items they wish to buy by doing business online. They can sit comfortably on their bed and obtain the stuff they want with just a tap. You can sell your things online through your website or third-party online shopping platforms.

11. Salons


There had been an ever-increasing trend in beauty and hairstyles, particularly among young women. Women frequently go to salons to feel more confident and empowered or desire a particular style based on their beliefs. You can include nail services, haircuts, hair color, eyelash extensions, and other services on your service menu.

Hairstyles come and go, but the salon business is always in demand.

12. Massage and Spa

Massage and Spa

With the fast-paced and busy lives that people have been leading, it’s no surprise that they would seek out spa and massage treatments to pamper and unwind. You can choose from a wide range of spa and massage services to distinguish yourself from the competition.

This might be an excellent business for you if you hire the correct individuals to manage and serve your consumers.

13. Language Instruction Services

Language Instruction Services

OFWs have the advantage of learning and being exposed to different languages because they travel to other nations. You can share your expertise and experience with other Filipinos who wish to learn other languages and provide recommendations. You can also provide Filipino language tutorials to people from different countries who want to learn or improve their Filipino.

14. Transportation Business

Transportation Business

In the Philippines, public transit appears to be in short supply.

We can’t rest after a long day at work because of severe traffic, crowded trips, and other factors. Due to strong demand, especially in congested cities.

Everyone prefers a pleasant journey to their destination on vacation rather than riding in a crowded bus. Both domestic and international tourists are taking advantage of van and automobile rentals.

Whether you wish to rent a jeepney, a cab, car, or van, banks are willing to help you get a loan. Your business will be excellent if you obey all of the rules and regulations that apply to your chosen business venture.

15. Resorts and Hotels

Resorts and Hotels

When it comes to vacations, a hotel or resort is a reasonable option. The Philippines is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

You may turn your empty beach property into a hotel or resort with various services for your visitors.

Although the number of visitors varies by season, you may compensate for poor seasons by offering flexible promotions to your guests.

16. Rental Properties

Rental Properties

Perhaps you have a vacant lot or a brand-new house that you could turn into a rental property. It might be close to a university where students can rent rooms for convenience and easy transportation. This may be near a beach or in the mountains, ideal for those looking for a relaxing vacation.

Considering that this company will provide you with its advantages, and, more importantly, you will not watch it directly. You can hire a nanny, and you can make payments online.

17. Coach for Life

Coach for Life

Why not make money by turning a hobby into a business if you enjoy giving people motivational advice?

Most people would appreciate assistance with their daily problems or a gentle, supportive push toward their objectives and self-discoveries. It’s your responsibility to gather folks who enjoy giving advice and keep them oriented and on track toward their goals.

Clients will be counseled and encouraged by these groups of people you lead, from professional to personal needs. Also, to offer them strategies for dealing with life’s challenges and keep them informed about which and where they should spend their attention and goals.

18. Blogging


Blogging is another way to communicate with people without having to meet them face to face. However, the goal of blogging has shifted from personal to professional. This is currently utilized not only to communicate personal experiences but also to advertise a brand and business. Advertisements sponsored posts, and other methods of monetization are available through blogging. And, if you’ve already established your targeted business enterprise, blogging is one of the techniques to increase your visibility.

19. Invest your money in the stock market.

Invest your money in the stock market

One of the probable strategies to grow your money is to invest in the stock market as long as you invest in stable businesses. The advantages of investing in the stock market include the ability to invest in a variety of investment products, some of which will pay you dividends. If you’re willing to take a chance, it might be in your best interests to begin investing in stocks.

20. Agency for Travel

Agency for Travel

Beaches, mountains, falls, and other tourist attractions abound throughout the Philippines.

As a result, you can open your own travel business to promote tourism in the country and assist individuals looking for a lovely place to spend their holiday. You can provide services such as ticket booking, contacting several resorts for accommodations, transportation services, and so on.

Remember! You are not limited to one employment as an OFW. There are many options available to assist you in earning some additional cash, particularly in the business world. And we’ve presented you with several company concepts to consider. However, knowing your clientele and providing them with what they want with high-quality products and services is essential when establishing a business.

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