Renewal Guide for SSS Pension Loan Online


Since the country has been facing a global pandemic (Covid-19) for almost two years now, the government still implements strict health protocols. Most Filipinos are not allowed to go outside for unnecessary reasons.

Therefore, online transaction is now the widely used way of transacting a business. It is easier, convenient, and safer compared to over-the-counter transactions. Most applicants or transactors also prefer doing their businesses online since it’s faster and less hassle.

Renewal Guide for SSS Pension Loan Online

Renewal SSS Pension Loan Online

One of the government offices that administers online services is the Social Security System (SSS). SSS also follows strict health protocols and minimizes the number of guests by implementing online services.

Such services are essential and will genuinely help Filipino people to transact their businesses efficiently. If you have a transaction to make with the SSS, you can check the different programs in the SSS portal available on the SSS website ( But it is important to note that before you can make a transaction with SSS online, you first need to have an account at My.SSS.

Furthermore, the Pension Loan Program (PLP) was recently added to the SSS portal last September 2020. This will help those who want to renew their pension loan online for a hassle-free and safer transaction.

This program provides a solution to the problems of most senior citizens in the country, where they pawn their ATM cards as collateral for short-term loans.

The persons who are qualified to renew their SSS pension loan online are:

  • SSS retiree-pensioner who has My.SSS account on SSS website;
  • 85 years old below at the end of the month of their loan term;
  • No deduction on their monthly pension or existing advance pension under the SSS Calamity Loan Assistance Package; and
  • Regularly receiving a monthly pension, and the status of pension is “active.”

The qualified pension loan applicants can apply a maximum loan amount of 200,000 pesos which you can pay within 6, 12, or 24 months with a 10% interest rate every year. 

Moreover, the retiree-pensioners under the portability law and the care and custody of their guardians are excluded from the Pension Loan Program (PLP). Furthermore, the applicant who will use this online platform must have a My.SSS account on the SSS website (

Guide on How to Renew the Pension Loan Online

Guide on How to Renew the Pension Loan Online

Here are the steps on how to renew your pension loan online:

  1. Log in to your My.SSS account
  2. Click the E-Service Tab and choose the Apply for Pension Loan
  3. Choose the preferred pension loan amount from the displayed computations
  4. Click the Submit button under the selected computation
  5. Check all the application details, then click the small box on the lower right part of the Acknowledgement, Authorization, and Agreement box screen. By clicking the box, you agreed on the Pension Loan Amount indicated on the Disclosure Statement, on the Monthly Amortization Deduction from your pension, and the Terms and Conditions of the Pension Loan Program.
  6. Click the Disclosure Statement, then download and print a copy of it.
  7. Close the Disclosure Statement page to activate the Submit Pension Loan button. Click the Submit Pension Loan button.
  8. After applying, you will receive a notification that the application was successful
  9. Wait for the confirmation email to your registered email address containing the details about your Pension Loan Application

You will receive your loan proceeds within five working days through your Savings Account, with the following order of priority:

  • Valid SSS UMID Card enrolled as an ATM Card;
  • Valid UBP QuickCard with savings account registered to the SSS;
  • Valid Pension Savings Account to PESONet-participating bank enrolled at SSS (this will only be applicable after implementing the PESONet payment facility for the Pension Loan Program)

According to the CEO and SSS President, Aurora C. Ignacio, the Pension Loan Program (PLP) is still developing, and only renewals of pension loans are available online. But, the SSS is in the process of including Philippine Electronic Fund Transfer Systema and Operations Network (PESONet) participating banks as disbursement channels so that the qualified retiree-pensioners can easily avail the program.

The SSS also advises the pensioners who receive their pension through cheque and the first-time pension loan applicants to apply for their pension loan in a nearby SSS branch. However, it is necessary to follow the minimum public health protocols such as wearing a facemask and face shield and social distancing when transacting in any SSS branches or offices.

Most transactions are online, so it is essential to be updated continuously. Though some offices cater to minimal guests, they must follow the minimum public health standards set by the government. 

For further information, follow SSS on their social media accounts. 

Facebook and Youtube: Philippine Social Security System  

Instagram: mysssph

Twitter: PHLSSS

Viber Community: MYSSSPH Updates

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