Guide to File and Claim SSS Total Disability Benefits


A person who suffered from an accident or has become sick could be disabled. Depending on the severity of the sickness or accident, it could lead to partial or total disability, but regardless it will limit one’s movement. It will be hard for that person to return to work or land a job. SSS thought of a way to protect and provide for their member who had Total Disability through their Disability Benefits. 

Here is a complete Guide in Filing and Claiming SSS Total Disability Benefits that will tell you what you need to know and what to do to claim your Disability benefits. 

What is the SSS Disability Benefits?

SSS Disability Benefits

To better understand the Guide in Filing and Claiming SSS Total Disability Benefits, you need to know SSS Disability Benefits and how it works.

SSS Disability Benefit is a cash benefit granted to any SSS member who becomes totally or
partially disabled
and satisfies all the conditions provided by SSS. The cash benefit is given to a qualifying member either by a lump sum or through a monthly pension.

Types of SSS Disability Benefits Paid to SSS Members

First that you know in this Guide in Filing and Claiming SSS disability Benefit knows what kind of cash benefit you could receive. 

The SSS Disability Benefits could be given to you by:

  • Lump-sum Payment –  The will give a lump-sum payment if you are a member who could only pay less than 36 months of your SSS monthly contribution before the semester of your disability. This is also the type of SSS disability benefit they would give you if your approved disability period is only payable for less than a year. 
  • Monthly Disability Pension – If you are an SSS member who could pay at least 36 months of your SSS monthly contribution before the start of your disability, they will grant you a cash benefit that is given to you every month. 

Additional SSS Disability benefits if you are a member qualified for the Monthly pension, there are some other benefits that you are also entitled to receive. 

Here are the additional benefits for a disability pensioner:

  1. You can receive a monthly supplemental allowance of 500 pesos.
  2. You will also receive an additional benefit amounting to 1 500 pesos.
  3. They will give a 13th-month pension to you every month of December.
  4. You can obtain other PhilHealth Hospitalizations benefits if you are:

-An SSS member registered as a disabled pensioner and your beneficiaries before the RA 7875 took effect.

-An SSS member registered as a disabled pensioner and your beneficiaries before the RA 7875 took effect if you are at least 60 years of age and have paid at least 120 contributions on your Monthly Medicare contributions. 

*Note: The RA 7875 took effect on March 4, 1995.

Qualifying Conditions

Next, to better understand the Guide in Filing and Claiming SSS Total Disability Benefits, you must know the conditions to file and claim the said benefits successfully.

Here are the SSS Qualifying conditions you need to meet:

  1. You would be qualified to file and claim for SSS disability benefits if you could pay at least one month of contribution before the semester of your disability. 
  2. If you want to qualify for a Monthly Pension, you must have paid at least or more than 36 monthly contributions. 
  3. For you to qualify to apply and claim for a Lump sum amount, you must have paid less than 36 times on your monthly contributions. 

Note:  The qualifying conditions for the SSS Disability benefits may vary. It will depend on applying for SSS total disability benefits or partial disability benefits. You can check the information below to see the qualifying conditions for Totally Disabled pensions. 

Types of Total Disabilities that will qualify for a pension

Not everyone could file and claim for a Lifetime Monthly Disability Pension. SSS consider providing monthly support to their totally and permanently disabled members. Listed below is the list of conditions that SSS believes to be disabled.

You are qualified for a monthly pension if you:

  1. If you have completely lost sight in both of your eyes. 
  2. You have lost two of your limbs at or above your wrist or ankles. 
  3. You will be receiving a monthly pension if your two limbs are permanent and completely paralyzed. 
  4. If you are an SSS member who suffered from a brain injury that has led to insanity and other incurable imbecilities.  
  5. Other cases of total disabilities are also accepted as long as SSS approves them.

Computations of SSS Total Disability Benefits

Knowing how much SSS total Disability Benefits you could claim and receive is another essential thing you need to know before filing for the said benefits.  

Here is a breakdown on how you could compute your SSS Total Disability Benefits for Lump Sum Benefit and Monthly Pension

  • For SSS Total Disability Lump Sum Benefit
  1. You can compute your disability pension by multiplying the number of your SSS monthly contribution payments to your Monthly disability Pension. 
  2. Multiply your monthly pension to 12. (MP x 12)
  • For SSS Total Disability Monthly Pension

The amount of your monthly pension will depend on your SSS membership years and the number of contributions you could pay before the start or semester of your disability. 

  1. Minimum of 1,000 pesos of monthly disability pension for a member with less than ten credited years of service. 
  2. If you have ten credited years of service, your monthly disability pension would be 1,200 pesos. 
  3. You can receive 2,400 pesos of monthly disability pension if you have at least 20 years of credited years of service. 

If you are a qualified disability pensioner that has at least ten (10) credited years of service, you will receive the following benefits from SSS per month:

  1. Disability pension amounting to 1,200 pesos. 
  2. Supplemental allowance of 500 pesos every month. 
  3. Additional disability benefit amounting to 1,150 pesos. 

*Total amount of SSS Disability Monthly Pension Benefits: 2,850 pesos (1,150 + 1, 200 + 500)

When Will the Monthly Pension Stop?

Now that you know the amount you will receive for your monthly pension, you also need to understand what circumstances would stop you from receiving your monthly pension. 

SSS will stop paying your pension when:

  • You have recovered from your total permanent disability. 
  • Your employment has resumed.
  • You receive a notification from SSS and still fail to report your annual physical examination. 

Requirements for Total Disability Benefits

Requirements for Total Disability Benefits

There are some documents and a few other requirements that you need to accomplish before filing and claiming your SSS Total Disability Benefits. Listed below are the essential requirements that you need to pass for the approval of your claims. 


  1. SSS Disability Claim form

One of the most critical documents you need to secure is the SSS Disability Claim Form. You need to fill the form with the correct information and without erasures. 

You can get a copy of your SSS Disability form on this link: 

2. SSS Medical Certificate

Next, you would also need to prepare your SSS Medical Certificate. The attending physician should accomplish your medical certificate. Prepare the original copy and one photocopy of the said document.

You can refer to this link if you want to download and print the SSS Medical Certificate Form:

3. Member’s/ claimant’s photo and signature card 

You might also need to present your member’s or claimant’s photo and signature card. This form will include your photo and other personal information, such as your SSS number, name, and signature. You will also need to put your fingerprint on the space provided on the form.

You can use the link below to get a copy of the member’s/ claimant’s photo and signature:

4. Valid ID’s

You will also need to provide or submit copies of your valid Id’s such as:

  • Primary ID
  2. SSS ID
  4. PRC Card
  • Valid Secondary ID’S
  1. Postal ID
  2. TIN Card
  3. Senior Citizen Card
  4. Driver’s License
  5. Other Valid secondary Id’s
  • Secondary document and one valid secondary ID

*Note: If you have only one secondary valid ID, you can present the following documents along with your valid ID. 

  1. NBI Clearance
  2. Police Clearance
  3. Marriage certificate
  4. Student permit issued by LTO, etc.

Check the list of other valid Ids on the link provided below:

6. Medical documents

Aside from the SSS medical certificate form, you will also need to present or pass the true certified copies of your supporting medical documents. 

You need to present a certified copy of the following documents:

  1. X-ray results
  2. Clinical test results
  3. Record of Operation
  4. Hospital discharge summary

*Note: The Medical Specialist from SSS might ask you to present other or additional medical records/documents aside from the list mentioned above.

7. A single savings account or ATM Card

Lastly, for the disbursement of your cash benefit, you will also be asked to present your single savings account passbook or your ATM Card with your account number.

The Filing Process for SSS Total Disability Benefits

The Filing Process for SSS Total Disability Benefits

The next important thing in this Guide in Filing and Claiming SSS Total Disability Benefits that you should be aware of is the filing process. 

You could personally file for your SSS total disability process, but you could also assign a representative to do it for you. The information below will help you know the filing process of the said benefits.

  • For members

Here is the process you need to go through when personally filing your SSS total disability benefits claim in a particular SSS branch. 

  1. Prepare the documents

Your first step would be preparing all the necessary and required documents, especially the forms. You can download the necessary forms on the SSS website. 

2. Fill out the forms. 

After securing the required forms and documents, you need to fill out the forms accurately and ensure that the information you provide is accurate. 

Here are some additional notes when filling out the forms.

3. SSS Disability Claim Application

When filling out this form, make sure that:

  1. You fill out the form without erasures and alterations. 
  2. Ensure that there’s a presence of SSS personnel when you affix your fingerprint. 

4. SSS Medical Certificate

You will need to prepare one original copy and one photocopy of your SSS medical certificate form. The medical certificate that you‘ll present must be accomplished within six months from the date of your filing by the attending physician. You can download the form through the SSS website. 

*Note: The information on your medical certificate must be valid and accurate. Anyone who provides false medical information for a fake claim could be fined or imprisoned. 

5. Member’s/ Claimant’s Photo and Signature Card

Download the form from the SSS website and fill up the necessary information.

When filling out this form, make sure that:

  1. You fill out the form and provide the correct information without alterations or erasures.
  2. Affix your recent 1×1 photo on the box provided in the form. 
  3. Affix your right thumb and left thumb fingerprint to the box provided on the form.
  4. It is vital to have two witnesses when you are affixing your fingerprints. The witnesses need to write their names down on your card, together with the date and their signatures.

6. Get a Queue number

After preparing all the documents needed, get your queue number and wait for SSS personnel to call your number.

7. Submit Forms and other supporting documents

Once they call your number, you must submit the filled-out Disability Claim Application Form. You also need to pass all the necessary supporting documents. The SSS personnel will then review and evaluate your records. This process usually takes up to ten (10) minutes or more. 

8. Signature on the MD-15

After the SSS personnel pre-evaluate your documents, they will ask you to affix your signature on the MD-15 or the Complete Medical Record Form. 

9. Acknowledgment stub

They will give an Acknowledgement stub of your Disability Claim Application, and they will then return the original copies of your supporting documents. You will have to wait for an update because the SSS will evaluate your claim before processing your claim. 

10. Processing 

After evaluation, they will process your application. The processing time could take up to 14 days or months.

  • For Representatives

If you cannot file your claim, you can assign a representative to process the claim for you. The process is nearly just the same as the process provided above. There are only a few additional documents that you must submit.  

11. Additional Document

If you are an assigned representative, you will have to prepare the same forms and documents and add a sketch of the member’s place of confinement or residence. 

*Note: The member working or residing abroad when the disability happens will do the same procedure. 

How to Claim your Total Disability Benefits

How to Claim your Total Disability Benefits

Once the SSS is done evaluating your claim and has already approved your SSS total disability benefits, the next thing you need to know is how to claim it. 

  • Claiming the benefits

The Social Security System (SSS) pays your Lump sum benefit or your monthly disability pension through the accredited banks here in the Philippines.  

You can easily claim your SSS Total Disability Benefits if you have existing savings account with one of the SSS accredited or partner banks. If none, you will need to open one from the SSS-certified banks. 

When opening an account, you will present an LOI or a letter of introduction issued by the SSS. 

Here are some of the accredited banks:

  1. China Bank
  2. Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP)
  3. Land Bank
  4. Philippine National Bank (PNB)
  5. Union Bank of the Philippines
  6. RCBS
  7. Security Bank

You can also check the link provided below for reference:

You could face unavoidable circumstances, and one of these is being sick or getting caught in an accident that could cost you your mobility. Especially when that particular accident or become disabled because of that specific sickness or accident.

SSS provides a way to help their members who have a hard time. One of these is through their disability benefits. Suppose you are an SSS member or a member’s assigned representative who doesn’t know how to file and claim the said benefits. In that case, the information above could serve as your Guide in Filing and Claiming SSS Total Disability Benefits.


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