Guide to File and Claim SSS Funeral Benefits

Guide to File and Claim SSS Funeral Benefits

The process of filing and claiming SSS funeral benefits is now easier and faster through online applications available at the SSS website All SSS members can access this website.

This online service of the SSS will ensure your safety and save your time. Once you register with the website mentioned above, it will be easier to track your transactions and applications, and there is no need to go over the counter. 

Guide to File and Claim SSS Funeral Benefits

The SSS Funeral Benefits is a cash benefit given to the person (whoever they may be) who paid for a deceased SSS member’s burial or funeral expenses. This article will provide details and a step-by-step guide on how you can file and claim SSS funeral benefits. aside from that, there are also 8 SSS benefits you probably didn’t know about

How to file for SSS Funeral Benefits

How to file for SSS Funeral Benefits

You can file SSS Funeral Benefits in the fastest way through an online application. The process of filing the said benefits is as follows:

  1. Log in to your My.SSS Member Account is available at the SSS website Click “Submit Funeral Claim Application,” which you can find under the E-services tab. Input all the required information and details.
  2. Click “Proceed” for SSS validation of provided information.
  3. Input the deceased member’s civil status and other information, e.g., your relationship with the deceased member and the disbursement account enrolled in the DAEM.
  4. Upload the supporting documents required.
  • Proof of SSS membership of the deceased.
  • Proof of payment of the claimant.
  • A certified true copy of the deceased Death Certificate or PSA-issued death certificate.

5. Read the certification portion thoroughly, then click “Submit” to proceed.

6. They will send a message to your registered email address to notify you regarding the successful online submission of your application and the status of the claim of the Funeral Benefit (whether approved, rejected, or denied).

Take note: The filing of SSS Funeral Benefits can still be done over the counter or through a dropbox.

The filing of SSS Funeral Benefits applies to SSS member-claimant except for the following cases:

  • There is no proof of the deceased SSS membership.
  • There is no official receipt of the funeral expenses or expenses incurred without a corresponding contract by member-claimant other than the dependent legal spouse (other preferred beneficiaries).
  • The proof of payment of the funeral expenses is under an insurance plan or memorial plan and is not in the name of the deceased member and the claimant as to the plan holder.

How to Claim SSS Funeral Benefits

How to Claim SSS Funeral Benefits

An SSS member who paid for the deceased member’s expenses can file and claim the said benefits. The funeral benefits can be claimed by an SSS member claimant who has:

  • A registered account in the My.SSS Portal, which is available via the SSS website
  • SSS Unified Multi-Purpose ID (UMID) or has an ongoing UMID card application.
  • Enrollment disbursement account under the Disbursement Account Enrollment of My.SSS for checkless payment of cash benefits.

Non-SSS members and SSS members without UMID cards can also claim the funeral benefits. The process is as follows:

  1. Download the Funeral Benefit Claim form, which is available on the SSS website. Make sure that you accomplish the document entirely.
  2. Attached are all other requirements such as: 
  • Proof of membership of the deceased.
  • Death certificate issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) or registered with the Local Civil Registry (LCR).
  • Receipt or proof of payment of the claimant.
  • Two (2) valid IDs of the claimant.

3. Submit the Funeral Benefit Claim form together with all the requirements at the nearest SSS branch.

The claimant’s preferred disbursement account can be any of the following payment channels:

  • SSS UMID card enrolled as ATM
  • Electronic wallet (E-wallet), e.g., PayMaya
  • Bank account in PESONet participating banks
  • Union Bank of the Philippines (UBP) Quick Card
  • Pick-up arrangements with remittance transfer companies (RTCs) or cash outlets (CPOs)

The SSS Funeral Benefits ranges from a minimum amount of P20,000 up to a maximum amount of P40,000, which will depend on the number of paid contributions and the average monthly salary credit of the deceased member. They will give the Funeral Benefit to the person who paid for the burial expenses of the qualified deceased SSS member. They will credit SSS Funeral Benefits to the bank account or the chosen payment channel of the claimant. You can check the status of your application thru the SSS online website 

It is easier to file for an SSS Funeral Benefit, thanks to the latest technology we have right now. The SSS also included another way of filing applications and transactions online. It makes it convenient for the members and claimants to apply for loans and benefits. As the technologies continue to develop and the people become more tech-savvy, the government agencies, including the SSS, will undoubtedly continue to provide different platforms and online services whose primary aim is to help the public.

You can follow, visit, or message the SSS social media accounts/pages, hotlines, and Emails provided below for more information and the latest updates.

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