Basic Few Steps to Retrieve your PAG-IBIG MID Number

Basic Few Steps to Retrieve your PAG-IBIG MID Number

Membership Identification Number, better known as MID Number, is an Identification needed by the members of the PAG-IBIG Fund to remit their monthly contributions to the said government agency. When a person is a working individual, these monthly contributions, later on, comprise you to being entitled to loans and benefits.

Basic Few Steps to Retrieve your PAG-IBIG MID Number

Thank goodness you may now have several options to retrieve your MID easily. In this article, let’s note down some if not all of the ways to retrieve or recover your PAG-IBIG Membership number in case you lost or you forgot it. We will tell you how to accomplish PAG-IBIG number verification so you will know your MID number. 

1. Use of Company IDs, Old documents, and Emails

Use of Company IDs, Old documents, and Emails

Company ID – most company IDs have already written your PAG-IBIG, SSS, GSIS, and PHILHEALTH ONLINE REGISTRATION: COMPLETE GUIDE

Philhealth numbers at the back. You may try to check some of your IDs, and then you might find your MID in there.

Old documents – you may also use your old records in retrieving your MID as you may have used it before to fill out some forms and other documents. 

Emails – you have to try to make a “PAG-IBIG,” “MID,” “RTN,” or any related keyword search on your emails. It could be there.

2. Registration Tracking Number Search

Registration Tracking Number Search

You can use the Registration Tracking Number or RTN to retrieve your PAG-IBIG MID and try to find your RTN to old emails and old documents.

You can easily follow these simple steps;

  • First, you have to visit the Virtual PAG-IBIG Site.
  • Next, Key in your Registration Tracking Number, Last Name, and Date of Birth on the boxes provided.
  • Finally, click submit it.

After following these simple steps, your PAG-IBIG MID number will be displayed. You have to copy and paste it or take a screenshot of the page to keep a copy of your PAG-IBIG number.

3. Contact or Chat a Lingkod PAG-IBIG service agent

Lingkod PAG-IBIG service agent

The best verification method to use is the PAG-IBIG live chat service; if you don’t have a Registration Tracking Number, you need to retrieve your PAG-IBIG number the fastest you want.

Here’s how you can contact or talk to a Lingkod PAG-IBIG chat agent to get your Membership Identification Number;

  1. Browse and go to the PAG-IBIG Fund website.
  2. Click on the icon that says “Chat with us” on the lower right corner of the homepage.
  3. Then, fill out the online form with your information. You can skip the MID field.
  4. From the drop-down menu under “What is your concern?”, Select “Member ID Number.”
  5. Click the Submit button.
  6. Next, you have to read the question and answers about the PAG-IBIG number, and if none of the info answers your question, click the No button.
  7. You may type your message with the following details:
  • Birthdate
  • Current Employer
  • Previous Employer/s (if any)
  • Your concern or question about your PAG-IBIG Membership Identification Number(MID)

4. Inquiring via Email.

Inquiring via Email

You may send an email to verify your Membership Identification Number to

Provide the following required details for a faster transaction:

  • Name (Last Name, First Name, and Middle Name)
  • Married name in full (if you are female)
  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth
  • Mother’s full maiden name
  • Complete company name and address of your current employer
  •  Contact details
  • Current location/city

You will also attach a clear image of your valid ID with your personal information. This is a requirement to ensure that the PAG-IBIG number is given to the right person.

5. Sending a private message via the PAG-IBIG Fund Facebook Page.

Sending a private message via the PAG-IBIG Fund Facebook Page

Most companies and agencies already have their Facebook page to answer their members’ government or private inquiries conveniently. This is another accessible way to reach the PAG-IBIG Fund for your Membership Identification Number verification. 

Most Facebook users can see PAG-IBIG’s Facebook posts, including the comments. Send a private message instead rather than exposing your private information in comments.

6. Through the PAG-IBIG hotline.


Through the PAG-IBIG hotline

You can call the PAG-IBIG Hotline (02) 8724-4244 anytime to ask for your Membership Identification Number.

The PAG-IBIG Hotline is open twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week so that you can call them even on Sunday for the PAG-IBIG verification number.

Be prepared to answer some questions about your personal information for your identity verification. 

7. You may visit the nearest PAG-IBIG Fund branch.

 nearest PAG-IBIG Fund branch

If you need to get your PAG-IBIG Membership Identification Number, even your MDF at the same time, you can request both at any PAG-IBIG Fund branch office.

You have to present your original valid ID and submit at least two photocopies of it.

8. PAG-IBIG Loyalty Card

PAG-IBIG Loyalty Card

Having your PAG-IBIG Loyalty Card will save your day. Yes, you may have forgotten your Membership Identification Number. Still, if you have your PAG-IBIG Loyalty Card kept somewhere in your wallet or cardholder, you have to check it first because, on this specific card, you can easily spot your MID number in a bold font just below your name.

We, humans, are very prone to forgetting a lot of things, and not to mention all, one of these may be our PAG-IBIG Membership Identification Number. There are cases where it is almost impossible to retrieve it, but I hope this article will help many of you who have lost or forgotten your MID. Whatever is your reason for finding your MID number, you can recover it through different online and offline channels. So if you have the same problem, you can now try one of the methods above to recover your lost or forgotten PAG-IBIG number.

If you have any questions or inquiries about PAG-IBIG number verification and other related concerns, call the PAG-IBIG 24/7 Hotline (02)8724-4244 or Email

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