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30 Popular Online Business During Pandemic

30 Popular Online Business During Pandemic

Running an online business is a privilege for many aspiring entrepreneurs, for it provides promising financial security and independence. In this research guide, we collected a list of the Popular Online Business During Pandemic to give ideas and assist you in beginning your own internet business and gaining the flexibility and freedom that comes with it. None of these internet business ideas require an actual storefront. Several only demand you to provide service rather than a tangible product.

You can also establish your hours, be your boss, and claim home office tax deductions if you work from home. So, if you’re ready to take the first steps toward realizing your dream of being an entrepreneur online, start with this list of online business ideas for beginners and choose the one that best suits your skills and interests.

30 Popular Online Business

With the advancement of the internet and technology, everyone has an online business idea, regardless of prior expertise or employment history. Starting a business online is one of the handiest and most cost-effective methods to start a business, mainly because all you need is a laptop and an internet connection.

Entrepreneurs have been driven to take their careers into their own hands and start their businesses as working from home has become more prevalent in workplace cultures worldwide. If you’re not into an all-in internet business right now, many of these ideas may begin part-time then turn into a full-time job as you grow your side hustle.

1. Marketing on social media

If you’re good at getting likes, favorites, retweets, follows, shares, comments, and clicks, a job in social media marketing might be for you. By coaching businesses to manage their social media profiles, distribute their content across the internet, keep their brands on track, and respond to client problems, you may turn your hobby into a day job.

2. Consultation on SEO

Many firms are willing to pay dearly for your aid if you have a lot of talent and experience in getting websites to rank highly on Google and understand how to convert searchers into customers.

A competent SEO consultant, combined with a sound SEO strategy, may radically alter how a company’s website looks to web users. A few ranks on Google can make a significant difference in traffic counts, whether by searching for intelligent keywords to rank highly on editing, metadata tags, or regularly updating the company blog.

Summing it up, you can significantly impact a company’s bottom line; hence, this internet business concept is in high demand.

3. Freelance graphic design

Do you possess an excellent sense of style? Did you attend an art school, or perhaps have you always spent your leisure time in Photoshop or Illustrator creating posters?

If that’s the case, and you’re looking for the ideal gig from our list of online small business ideas, freelance designing could be a fantastic fit. Freelancing has a lot of advantages. You may take on clients at your own pace, create a strong reputation online and work on projects of your interest.

Find the ideal gigs on sites like Upwork and Behance to enjoy the freedom of a freelancing lifestyle.

4. Writing for a living

Instead, if you’re good with writing, you may work as a freelance writer. You can contribute blog posts as long as you have an internet connection and a keyboard.

If you have expertise in certain areas, it will assist your employers in seeing that you are competent to remark on specific topics. However, your writing will always be the most significant component. Do you write with clarity? Do you put time and effort into genuinely comprehending what you’re saying? Are you targeting the right audience? This internet business concept is great if you’re confident in your writing abilities.

5. Authoring an e-book

If writing and publishing company blog entries aren’t your things, consider producing and publishing e-books instead. Compared to before, self-publishing is now easier, thanks to Amazon and other websites. If you believe you have something fascinating or essential to say and think others will agree, writing e-books could be a lucrative business for you. 

You don’t have to print, design, or ship your work with e-books. Write, advertise, publish, and sell to anyone anywhere on the planet. Plus, because you’re self-publishing the book, you’ll get a more significant percentage of the earnings if the e-book succeeds. Of course, you need to learn how to properly format an e-book, pay for editing and cover design services, and devise a marketing strategy — but there are plenty of examples to learn from.

6. Translation

If you’re a fantastic writer but don’t want to publish your work, we still have some simple online business ideas for you. If you’re multilingual, for example, translating could be the perfect employment for you. You can do it anytime, anywhere, as long as you have the text you’re working on.

7. Editing

From proofreading novels to indexing scholarly articles, copyediting a company’s marketing materials, editing comes in all forms and sizes. If you have that eagle-like eyes for detail, a good command of the English language, and a desire to get down in the weeds, editing could be an incredible business idea for you if you want to work when and how you want.

8. Composing a blog

While a blog isn’t a business, if you want to work as a freelance writer or a designer, has a passion for coding, photography, videography, fitness, cooking, or anything else, and can write excellent articles on those topics to demonstrate your expertise, this is for you. 

With your authority, people will read more and believe you. And the larger your following, the easier it will be to expand your business via blogging. So, even when you’re still not sure about which of the above-mentioned online business ideas to push through, beginning a blog is always a good idea because it will provide you with an online presence from which to build.

9. Independent Research

Another great online business idea is freelance research, which allows you to work from anywhere and on your schedule. Need not be a natural-born writer or a natural designer; all you need is to be hardworking and aware of where to look for what is required.

Whether you’re doing marketing research, putting together research documents for competitors, analyzing statistics to spot trends, answering tough technical questions on forums, you’ll be providing invaluable service to your clients — and all for a reasonable price and with the freedom to work your schedule.

10. Freelance web design and coding

Have you noticed a pattern yet? You could accomplish various jobs in an office for one company or several different clients whenever and however you like.

If you’re a software engineer, the benefits of working for a startup or a tech behemoth are numerous. Still, suppose you value flexibility, diversity of projects, the ability to freedom of being your boss, and work at your own pace. In that case, freelance coding is one of the best online business ideas from home. Whether you’re into web design – a specific popular freelance coding sector — or another type of software development, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding clients.

You may also serve as a consultant for software, providing your critical eye and knowledge without having to code.

11. App and software development

Would you like to expand your independent coding venture? Instead of assisting clients, you might work on your applications, packages, expansions, and add-ons. Whether you market your material on the App Store or make money through advertisements, or you’re in it for the long term and hoping to be bought out by a more prominent company, the fund you make will be a direct outcome of your hard work and innovation.

However, unlike regular freelancing, this is a more difficult nut to crack. It’s not as easy to have a consistent revenue stream until your app is out and selling, and by then, you’ve already invested a lot of effort and time. As an outcome, before you make a financial error as a freelancer, make sure there is an industry for the product you’re producing and that people are willing to pay for it.

Meanwhile, the rewards might be substantial. Could your project be the following Angry Birds or Minecraft? There’s just one way to know.

12. Photography

Those with a knack for pictures might make money from their pastime. Mug shot sites like Shutterstock and iStock will pay you a commission on the photographs you sell if you’re happy with sharing your lens with multitudes of others, making this an easy and practical way to fund your freedom.

Furthermore, if you’re exceptionally gifted, you could choose to sell your images on more exclusive sites with more excellent commission rates – or even your website or online store.

13. Coaching for Business

You’ll need a solid track record and a range of testimonials to back you up, but the business coaching sector is booming right now, so it’s a great time to jump in.

Check out this internet business idea if you’re interested in fixing up other businesses and getting rewarded for it.

14. Tutoring

Starting a tutoring business is another avenue to consider if you’re interested in online business ideas for beginners that focus on phoning or video chatting consumers to assist them with various challenges.

Tutoring can generate a handful of money without putting in a lot of effort for those studious entrepreneurs who score well on standardized tests, know how to teach the best test-taking tactics, and know their content through and out. The better your results, the higher your reputation, and the more per hour, session, or package you may charge.

Plus, by engaging in these online small business ideas – business coaching, college consulting, and tutoring — you’re devoting your energy and time to assisting others in achieving some of life’s most important objectives. That’s an appealing career, especially when you consider the ability to work from wherever you want.

15. Fitness coach over the internet

“Internet fitness training” may sound like an oxymoron, but it’s a legitimate market worth considering if you’re looking for online business ideas.

Working as a personal fitness trainer for clients could be a rewarding experience if fitness and health are your passions. However, it would help if you remembered that training people over the internet is more complex than training them in person. You can come across as untrustworthy to potential customers if you don’t have much expertise as a trainer.

There’s always the choice of going to clients in person rather than having an online business, but that might not be your style. 

16. Virtual consignment shops

Maybe you’re not into making handicrafts, but the notion of an internet store appeals to you. You can reach that goal by shopping at online thrift shops and consignment stores. Others scour auction sites like eBay for cool, unique, and exciting items, then present them in appealing ways. Here, good copywriting and a strong brand may help you stand out from the pack.

These types of simple online business ideas may be a good fit if you like curating over creating.

17. Encoding Data

Data entry is an internet business concept that you may work from home, despite the low salary. Data entry is a fantastic place to start if you’re searching for a job that won’t take up much of your time or attention but will pay you consistently when you’re at home or on the road.

18. Transcription

Except for typing quickly, transcribing is a basic web business concept that requires no prior knowledge or experience. Providing transcription services online allows you to interpret audio interviews for reporters, provide captions for TV shows and movies, and create transcribed versions of podcasts.

Although it isn’t the most profitable business on our list, it is a fine place to begin as a freelancer because it involves working from anywhere and at any time.

19. Counseling over the internet

You no longer need an office or your practice to counsel people, thanks to firms like TalkSpace and BetterHelp. Although this online business concept necessitates the necessary credentials and expertise, a digitally savvy therapist looking to reach a new range of patients might get started.

If you’re a psychologist, counselor, or therapist, you might want to look into joining one of these new companies or beginning your online counseling practice. You’ll reach new patients, give them more freedom and flexibility, and have some time to yourself by counseling online.

20. Producing Video

Another internet business concept that can appeal to you is video, especially if you’re creative or have a history in digital creation. As a video producer, you’ll be able to collaborate with a wide range of customers from various industries to shoot, edit, and provide the best possible end product.

Although video production might be technical, it can also allow you to explore a different storytelling medium while expressing your creativity. Furthermore, if you have no prior expertise with video, there are numerous tools available online.

21. Advertising On The Internet

Aware of the world of “cost per click” and Facebook’s constantly changing algorithm? You might start this internet business idea from home if you know the inner workings of online advertising, such as websites, social media platforms, and email campaigns.

Clients may employ you as a digital advertising consultant to monetize their online platforms and handle their whole advertising campaigns. Although this arena is continuously changing, it has become increasingly crucial to organizations, particularly those operating primarily online. You can work with clients entirely via email or phone and give your advertising knowledge from anywhere.

22. Recruiting Using The Internet

Do you have the guts to find the appropriate persons to fill job openings? If you enjoy working with people and have good web research skills, you might want to look into one of our online small business ideas: hiring. As an online recruiter, you’d work with various companies wishing to hire new staff, assisting them in finding and screening prospects.

Because so much of the recruiting process for firms is now done online, this service will be in high demand, especially for smaller organizations that don’t have a large HR team or the money and time to devote to recruiting correctly.

23. Tutoring for online courses

Is there a subject about which you are highly knowledgeable? What is the history of the Philippines? What about tax forms? Drawing? You might start an online course teaching business if you have a camera and a computer. You can study almost anything online, but when attempting to master a specific skill or topic, it can often be helpful to hear or see someone else describe it. 

Furthermore, if you have a master’s degree or teaching experience, you may be able to work with an online course business that will hire you to teach courses to its students online.

24. YouTube Channel

There’s undoubtedly a market for anything you’re passionate about and viewers who want to know what you have to say. One way to promote your new venture, service, or statement is to create a YouTube channel. YouTube might be the platform for you if you’re confident in front of the camera, have a place where you can shoot, and want to reach millions of individuals worldwide.

It will take a while for your stream to expand, and you will almost certainly need to connect on social media and blogging platforms at first, but with perseverance, you may make a good living this way.

25. Form A Group

You could be ready to start your team of consultants, freelancers, specialists, etc. if you’re running your own company for a while.

For example, suppose you have years of writing and editing experience and can quickly locate new clients. In that case, you might want to expand the number of chances you can take by assembling a team of freelancers to assist you in increasing your business.

26. Work With Voiceovers

You might start your own voiceover business if you’re seeking an online business idea that you can begin quickly and effortlessly from home. All you need is a good microphone, some essential sound editing software, and the willingness to offer your voice to marketing agencies, production firms, and anyone else who needs a voiceover.

To get started, create an account on a freelance voiceover website like Voices.com and begin looking for suitable possibilities. You’ll also have an excellent video to show potential future clients after you’ve gotten your foot in the door.

27. Career Counseling and Resume Writing

You may start an online resume writing and career coaching service if you have a background in human resources or know how to write the perfect resume. You can help customers with their career choices, job applications resume, and cover letters. Because many professionals use LinkedIn to find career advice, it’s a beautiful location to start with this type of online business idea.

Of course, you may communicate with clients via chat, email, or phone, allowing you to work from wherever with your set of own hours.

28. IT consultancy and Cyber-security

This could be one of the best online business ideas for you if you have a technical background but aren’t interested in coding or app development. As a cybersecurity consultant, you’ll be able to engage with companies of all sizes to assess their systems, conduct testing, and provide recommendations on how to improve their setup.

You may work as an IT consultant, supporting organizations with their technology – guiding them to set it up, solve problems, and provide essential operating advice.

You can manage your cybersecurity or IT consulting firm from anywhere with the correct PC setup. You could even decide to travel to other workplaces for on-site system assistance on occasion if you so desire.

29. Accounting and Bookkeeping

Though it’s tough to enter into the business as an online bookkeeper or accountant due to competition from international contractors, companies are selling these services. Unless you already work as an accountant, you might be able to retain your current clients by offering to work from home or remotely elsewhere to save them money.

Of course, formal training and certification are essential for online business ideas like these. Still, if you’re a seasoned and dedicated accountant, working online most (if not all) of the time shouldn’t be a problem.

30. Podcasting

Many people weren’t aware of what a podcast was ten years ago, but the podcast industry has since exploded, with newspapers, radio stations, and average people jumping on board. You might consider podcasting if you have a lovely tale to tell or something you think you could talk about regularly and that others would want to listen.

Of course, if you have the correct audio equipment, you can podcast from any place. You may then distribute your content through numerous podcast apps and websites and use social media to promote your business.

Remember! Online businesses aren’t just ways to get away from the office at the end of the day. Instead, they give a sense of independence that most individuals do not have:

  • Managing yourself.
  • Defining your hours and goals.
  • Taking full responsibility for your job.

Having said that, while beginning an internet business allows you to be more flexible, it also requires you to work exceptionally hard to locate clients, market your services, and maintain a consistent revenue flow.

Starting an internet business is not everyone’s cup of tea. You’ll only achieve your way to a successful lifestyle that most people only dream about by investigating the various options, choosing a startup concept that will work for you, researching ahead of time, and executing an excellent business plan.

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